Six Heartfelt Services

Nurturing Talent with Continuing Education

Caring service requires professional jewellery knowledge. The Group attaches great importance to the professional knowledge and personal development of our staff. The Group has established a comprehensive training system and assessment criteria, covering theory, selling techniques, product knowledge, and personal attributes programmes, etc. to ensure that employees have equipped themselves with professionalism and adaptability. In FY2021, the Group organised over 320 training programmes, over 10,000 employees participated, with a total of over 170 thousand training hours.

Moreover, to enable our frontline staff to commit to the highest standards of service excellence, the Group has facilitated over 170 employees with GIA Graduate Diamonds certification and trained them to act as GIA Diamond Consultants at branches to deliver jewellery expertise and service excellence. Besides, over 220 employees are certified with the GTC qualification. Our employees have strengthened their professional knowledge to enhance consumers’ confidence.

Lukfook Group believes that customers’ needs can be well fulfilled with a caring heart and their trust can be won through a pleasant shopping experience. Each employee who has received training on the Group's business objectives and related product knowledge is dedicated to providing customers with professional and pertinent opinions, bringing customers the most impeccable and superb shopping experience.

From the vigorous implementation of the Six Heartfelt Services programme to the training classes on professional knowledge in a holistic approach, Lukfook Group’s dedication to providing sincere and caring services has won the trust and support of the market and customers.