Six Heartfelt Services

Connecting with Customers by Providing the Best Service

The core values of “Six Heartfelt Services” demonstrate the Group’s philosophy of customer and service orientation. All frontline employees are dedicated to implementing the “Six Heartfelt Services” and providing customer-oriented services throughout the whole process. The Group’s sincere service has been recognised with numerous service awards. Our “Delivering the Beauty of Love with Six Heartfelt Services” excellent customer service programme has also won awards from both the industry and the market, which included the “2006 Hong Kong Awards For Industries: Customer Service Award” and “2011 Hong Kong Awards For Industries: Customer Service Award” from the Hong Kong Retail Management Association, and the “Grand Award - Silver Award” in “Customer Service Excellence Award 2013” from the Hong Kong Association of Customer Service Excellence.

The Group also incorporates this excellent customer service programme into staff training and assessment, and conducts shop check-ups from time to time, and strictly requires employees to deliver the “Six Heartfelt Services” to facilitate customers. Furthermore, Lukfook Jewellery also offers customers additional services, such as free engraving service, to strengthen customers’ emotional attachment and brand recognition to the Group.