Why is gold so popular?

Gold has been a popular precious metal for coinage and jewellery for centuries. The Egyptian are probably the first to create works of art with gold, and to use clay ware to separate gold from other metals and impurities. While in China, gold and silver were used as ornaments and traded commodity as early as the Xia Dynasty. Gold, as a symbol of wealth, became widely used in ornaments by the nobles during the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods. Except for a store of value, people now place greater emphasis on the designs and patterns of gold ornaments.



Dazzling gold shines with enchanting glamour. Trendsetting design accentuates chic style. Gold jewellery is not only a necessary adornment for important occasions in life, but also a fashionable accessory for styling. The latest “Goldstyle” Collection from Lukfook Jewellery is crafted with innovative techniques to increase the hardness of gold jewellery which is approximately twice that of ordinary gold jewellery, and provides fashionable gold jewellery which shines as brightly as karat gold jewellery. It is not only retains the advantage of gold as a store of value, but also puts a new twist on gold jewellery and your style.


Hong Kong regulation :

千足金 : It contains 99.99% pure gold and is stamped "千足金" or "Au999.9".
足    金 : It contains not less than 99.9% pure gold and is stamped "足金" or "Au999"

Mainland China regulation :

足    金 : It contains not less than 99% pure gold and is stamped "足金" or "Au990"