Corporate Social Responsibility

Lukfook Group attaches great importance to environmental protection endeavours to promote sustainable development. It incorporates relevant environmental strategies in every aspect of its business, and implements initiatives in areas such as energy-saving, waste management and carbon reduction in manufacturing, administration and daily retail operations to mitigate the impact on the environment. In the light of the increasing impact of climate change on the environment, the Group has therefore established various environmental guidelines for its operation and manufacturing processes in respect of waste reduction, emission reduction and energy conservation.

The Group’s jewellery processing plant in Nansha, Guangzhou, is subject to stringent emission controls. The plant attained ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System certification and has been pursuing cleaner production practices for compliance with environmentally friendly principles. The plant has established the corresponding guidelines on emission control in accordance with the national and local laws and regulations for the purpose of regulating its emissions of pollutants such as effluent, waste gas, solid waste and hazardous waste. In addition, the plant also keeps track of the emissions data for regular analysis and further improvement.

In response to the Government’s efforts in promoting environmental protection, since the implementation of “Full Implementation of the Plastic Shopping Bag Charging” in the retail industry of Hong Kong, the Group has promoted the “Bring Your Own Bag” campaign at our retail outlets since 2015. The Group currently has donated all fees charged for plastic shopping bags to Green Power, an environmental protection organisation in Hong Kong, for the promotion of bring-your-own-bag and other waste reduction projects.

Besides, as a participant of the Charter on External Lighting of the Environment Bureau, the Group pledges to switch off lighting installations with decorative, promotional or advertising purposes which affect the outdoor environment during preset times, with a view to mitigating the problems of light nuisance and energy wastage caused by external lighting while reducing energy costs.