Won “Outstanding QTS Merchant Service Staff Award 2017” - Bronze Award

(16 May 2017) — Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (“Lukfook” / the “Group”) (Stock Code: 00590) is pleased to announce that the Group’s staff Mr. Lau Kin Yip won the Bronze Award in “Outstanding QTS Merchant Service Staff Award 2017” (Jewellery & Watches Category) organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, in recognition of his outstanding performance in customer service.

Mr. Wong Wai Sheung, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Group, said: “With the representative from the Group being ranked as award winner after rounds of keen competitions, it fully affirmed the Group’s efforts in enhancing service quality. Frontline staff represent the image of the company. Their professional and dedicated services demonstrate warm hospitality towards customers. Adhering to our motto of ‘Exquisite Craftsmanship, Quality Services and Customer Orientation’, the Group will continue to promote the quality service culture and enhance the professionalism of our staff to provide every customer with sincere service and superior shopping experience.”

Since its first launch in 1991, the “Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme” has contributed to elevating the service standards of Hong Kong’s retail and dining sectors. Frontline staff in the tourism service sector are vital to Hong Kong’s tourism image. The “Outstanding QTS Merchant Service Staff Award” recognises the outstanding staff of QTS-accredited merchants for their contribution to Hong Kong’s tourism industry. Lukfook Group has been accredited in the “Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme” for sixteen consecutive years and also received “15-year QTS Merchant Recognition” in 2016, affirming wide recognition of the Group’s outstanding achievements in product quality and customer service.

Photo of the event:

Hon YIU Si-wing, BBS, Legislative Councillor of Tourism Constituency presented the Trophy to Mr. Lau Kin Yip, staff of Lukfook Group(left)