Committed to Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Highly Appreciated by the Copyright Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality and the Copyright Bureau of Nansha District

(8 October 2013) ------ Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (“Lukfook” / the “Group”) (Stock Code: 00590) attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, adherence to the relevant laws, and actively combats infringement of the Group’s rights. Recently, the Group was honoured to receive a visit by the government officials of Administration of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication (Copyright Bureau) of Guangzhou Municipality and the Administration of Culture, Radio, Film, Television, Press and Publication (Copyright Bureau) of Nansha District at its Luk Fook Jewellery Processing Plant in Nansha District, Guangdong Province, China, in recognition and appreciation of the Group’s effort in protecting intellectual property rights.

During the visit, officials from the Copyright Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality and the Copyright Bureau of Nansha District praised the Group’s commitments and successful efforts in combating piracy and intellectual property right infringements by working cooperatively with government departments. The latest example includes the Heart-shaped Lock diamond bracelet and pendant worn by the main actor and actress in a recent popular Hong Kong TV series sponsored by Lukfook Jewellery, in which the products sparked a wave of enthusiasm. With the advent of its growing popularity, the Group soon noticed that counterfeit products and pirating pictures were emerging online in Hong Kong, Mainland China, as well as North America. Lukfook promptly contacted the relevant authorities and coordinated a large scale opposition against the infringing actions, and to date successfully discontinued and warned over 160 infringing online shops, demonstrating the Group’s commitment to its brand protection.

The Group always proactively protects its intellectual property rights, and since the early 1990s begun registration of its trademarks and designs in Greater China. The Group’s Legal Department also closely monitors intellectual property right infringements, and works accordingly with government officials to protect Lukfook’s brand. The recognition of “Lukfook” as a “Well-known Trademark” in Mainland China by the State administrative authorities in 2012 affirmed the Group’s brand awareness and market recognition.

Mr. Wong Wai Sheung, Chairman & Chief Executive of the Group said, “The Group always places utmost importance on the protection and management of trademark, copyright and all other intellectual property rights. Recently we are honoured that Mr. Feng Ge, Deputy Director of the Copyright Division of the Copyright Bureau of Guangzhou Municipality, as well as other government officials have visited our site and acknowledged the Group’s work and achievements in copyright and brand protection. The Group will continue to uphold its philosophy of sincere customer services coupled with quality products and branding to gain customers from all spectrum and regions. Looking ahead, Lukfook will continue to work closely with different authorities and departments to combat infringements and reserve all rights to take further legal action against any breach of its right to protect the Lukfook brand. A kind reminder that customers should always be aware to identify our registered trademarks ‘LUKFOOK JEWELLERY’(「六福珠寶」) when purchasing our products, and keep the relevant sales invoice for identification.”

“Well-known Trademark” in China is recognized by the States administrative authorities (the Trademark Office or the Trademark Appeal Board of the State Administration for Industry & Commerce, or local Intermediate (or above level) People’s Court).