Lukfook Jewellery 2023 Pt Graceful Collection

Showcase Multifaceted Beauty and Express Your True Self

 A fashionable woman can be both beautiful and smart. She has a soft, tender heart to express the abundance of life; she also has the courage and strength to pursue her dreams. Feminine power bursting out from the heart becomes an inspiring theme for artistic designs. Lukfook Jewellery, in collaboration again with the Platinum Guild International, launches the 2023 Pt Graceful Collection inspired by the lucky four-leaf clovers, pure, elegant swans and carefree butterflies to demonstrate women's distinctive charisma and confident style at different stages of life and in everyday life. Drawing inspiration from origami elements, this new collection of stylish and elegant platinum jewellery celebrates the versatility and intelligence of contemporary women.  


Lucky Clover

Wear the lucky four-leaf clover to start an elegant life with confidence and ease. The designer incorporates origami elements into the four-leaf clover that conveys best wishes. Simple layered designs and finely crafted three-dimensional textures add exquisite details to the jewellery. Lustrous clear white platinum shines brightly, making a sparkling statement of your true colours. The delicate filigree openwork design is stunningly beautiful and vibrant, showcasing the gentleness and toughness of women.

Pt950 Platinum Necklace Pt950 Platinum Earrings


Kissing Swan

Delight and adorn yourself with beautiful pieces. The pure, enduring and shiny platinum jewellery fuses origami elements and fluid lines into the design to capture the stunning grace of the elegant swan tenderly licking its feathers, evocative of the timeless elegance and gleaming confidence of the sophisticated women who always keep calm and stay true to themselves in the ever-changing world.

Pt950 Platinum Necklace Pt950 Platinum Earrings


Vibrant Butterfly

Modern women aspire to enjoy all the pleasures and beauty of the world like the dancing butterflies on sunny days. The designer transforms beautiful butterflies into precious platinum jewellery. Delicate butterfly wings are designed with three-dimensional folded textures. Clear origami effect enhances the light reflection effect to brighten up the colourful life and add stylish details to a modern look. The refined design reveals women's free-spirited attitude and style. The asymmetrical earrings feature a vivacious, elegant look on one side and a simple, sleek look on the other, exuding the confidence and glamour of modern women.

Pt950 Platinum Necklace Pt950 Platinum Ring Pt950 Platinum Earrings