Won “Consumers’ Most Favourable Hong Kong Brands” in “PRC Consumers’ Most Favourable Brands Campaign 2010”

(6 October 2010) ------ Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (“Luk Fook” / the “Group”) (Stock Code: 00590), proudly announced that the Group obtained the “Consumers’ Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands” in “PRC Consumers’ Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands Campaign 2010”, which demonstrated Luk Fook is a popular brand that receives overwhelming support from the PRC customers.

Mr. Wong Wai Sheung, Chief Executive of the Group said, “We are honoured to have obtained the “Consumers’ Most Favorable Hong Kong Brands” for five consecutive years. The award not only shows the high popularity of our brand image, but also reinforces our position in the PRC and Hong Kong’s jewellery market that place emphasis on the goodwill of a brand. The Group expands the PRC market with great effort in recent years. The continuous support from the PRC customers to Luk Fook helps build a solid foundation for the Group’s business development."

The “PRC Consumers’ Most Favorable Brands Campaign 2010”  (China), the Hong Kong Association of China Travel Organiser Limited, the Chamber of Hong Kong Computer Industry, the Hong Kong Tourism Industry Employees General Union, the Hong Kong Professional Tourist Guides General Union and the Hong Kong Inbound Tour Operators Association. It also appointed the Asian Centre for Brand Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University for vote counting.

The presentation ceremony of the event was held at the Wedding Banquet Specialist, THE ONE, Tsim Sha Tsui on 5 October 2010. The Group’