Corporate Governance


The Board of Directors

The Board comprises 12 directors, including 4 executive directors, 4 non-executive directors and 4 independent non-executive directors. The number of non-executive directors is more than executive directors, which provides checks and balances that safeguard the interests of shareholders and the Group.

Besides the regular meetings, the Board holds irregular meetings for operational matters. At the meetings the directors decide overall strategies for the Group, monitor financial performance as well as other significant matters.

Procedures for shareholders to propose a person for election as a director are as follows:

Pursuant to the Company’s Bye-law, no person, other than a retiring Director, shall, unless recommended by the Board for election, be eligible for election to the office of Director at any general meeting, unless notice in writing of the intention to propose that person for election as a Director and notice in writing by that person of his willingness to be elected shall have been lodged at the Head Office or at the Registration Office at least seven days before the date of the general meeting. The period for lodgment of the notice required under the Company’s bye-law will commence no earlier than the day after the dispatch of the notice of the general meeting appointed for such election and end no later than 7 days prior to the date of such general meeting.

Members of the Board
Executive Directors
Mr. WONG Wai Sheung (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer)
Ms. WONG Hau Yeung (Chief Operating Officer)
Ms. WONG Lan Sze, Nancy (Deputy Chief Executive Officer)
Dr. CHAN So Kuen (Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary)

Non-executive Directors
Mr. WONG Ho Lung, Danny (Deputy Chairman)
Mr. TSE Moon Chuen
Mr. HUI Chiu Chung, JP
Mr. LI Hon Hung, BBS, MH, JP

Independent Non-executive Directors
Mr. IP Shu Kwan, Stephen, GBS, JP
Mr. MAK Wing Sum, Alvin
Ms. WONG Yu Pok, Marina, JP
Mr. HUI King Wai