Lukfook Group Signs "Business Sector Integrity Charter" Creating an Ethical Business Environment with the Industry

(16 May 2024) - Lukfook Group (International) Limited ("Lukfook"/"Group") (Stock Code: 00590.HK) is pleased to announce that the Group is honoured to be one of the pioneers to sign the “Business Sector Integrity Charter” championed by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (“ICAC”) of Hong Kong,  underscoring its commitment to strengthening business integrity and corporate governance, plus joining force with the industry to achieve sustainable development.


Mr. Wong Wai Sheung, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, said, “While the Group has been actively expanding its jewellery business, its has also regarded business ethics and integrity as core values. Over the years, we have ensured that our suppliers, customers and various stakeholders also adhere to ethical business standards and strictly abide by the Hong Kong Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, as well as the applicable laws and regulations in various regions. Moreover, we also provide anti-corruption and integrity management training to board members and employees worldwide. The ‘Business Sector Integrity Charter’ aligns with our robust anti-corruption framework and principles of business ethics. We believe it will contribute to shaping an honest, fair and prosperous business environment and pushing the industrial and commercial sectors to improve corporate governance standards and integrity, thereby building a corruption-free business environment in Hong Kong.”


The “Business Sector Integrity Charter” is organised by ICAC and with The Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong as its first partner. It aims to encourage businesses to strengthen integrity management and adopt an Integrity Management System for upholding and enhancing the professionalism and integrity of the business sector as well as generating integrity momentum, thereby promoting Hong Kong as an international centre for integrity.

Wong Lan Sze, Nancy, Executive Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Lukfook Group, signs the “Business Sector Integrity Charter”