Lukfook Jewellery 2022 Consumption Voucher Offers

The new round of electronic consumption vouchers has been disbursed. Grab the chance to purchase a solid gold piece as a store of value or gift a jewellery piece to your loved ones with the consumption vouchers. Lukfook Jewellery provides a series of Consumption Voucher Offers for you. We have selected a range of products valued around HK$5,000 and launched a series of offers and rewards, adding value to your consumption vouchers. From 7 April to 26 May 2022, customers spending with the consumption vouchers can purchase selected jewellery items at 50% off and enjoy up to over 40% rebate upon purchase of gem-set jewellery at Lukfook Jewellery. Join Lukfook Jewellery membership to earn double points upon spending. With our 1 on 1 video shopping service, you can contact our sales executives via WhatsApp to enjoy the video shopping service and collect a HK$200 coupon.

Gifts for Rewarding Yourself and Picks for Store of Value

It might be a wise choice to buy solid gold pieces as stores of value against inflation amid the pandemic and global economic fluctuations. Based on the current gold price, a 3-mace solid gold piece may be a good choice to spend your first HK$5,000 consumption voucher. You may also use the first consumption voucher together with the second consumption voucher (a total of HK$10,000) to purchase a 5-mace gold piece. (Price of solid gold pieces fluctuates with the prevailing market price, and customers shall assume the risks)

Three Mace Troy Solid Gold Piece


Five Mace Troy Solid Gold Piece (Photo is for reference only)


Heart-warming Mother’s Day Gifts ︳Pt Graceful Collection ︳Hexicon Collection

With Mother’s Day around the corner, shop a heartfelt gift with consumption vouchers to spoil your beloved mum. The brand new 2022 Pt Graceful Collection from Lukfook Jewellery makes a statement of women’s romance and elegance. The signature Wings of Freedom set features a blend of bird’s soft spreading wings and platinum. Simple folded lines effortlessly complete mother’s everyday sophisticated look. The Romantic Bows set captures the beauty of asymmetric lace bows with durable, rare platinum, evoking mother’s girly romance.

If your mother love brilliant accessories, our Hexicon 18K gold diamond jewellery is the perfect gift for her. Both the necklace and earrings are crafted with sleek lines in elegant 18K gold, and designed with hexagons of multi-angle refraction. The dazzling centre stone is surrounded by a luminous halo of eight diamonds for extra sparkle, adding style and vibrancy to her outfits.

Pt Graceful Collection

Wings of Freedom Platinum Necklace

(Available in two different weights)


Pt Graceful Collection

Wings of Freedom Platinum Earrings

Pt Graceful Collection

Wings of Freedom Platinu Ring


Pt Graceful Collection

Romantic Bows Platinum Necklace

Pt Graceful Collection

Romantic Bows Platinum Earrings


Hexicon 18K Gold Diamond Necklace (Halo Setting)

Hexicon 18K Gold Diamond Earrings(Halo Setting)


Gifts for Her ︳Dear Q Collection

Surprise and delight your beloved with a sweet gift. The Dear Q Collection combines the afternoon tea elements, fairy tale elements, musical notes, love locks and other romantic elements with glittering diamonds to create an array of exquisite 18K gold diamond charms. Illuminate her unique sweet style with these sparkling charms. Lukfook Jewellery now offers up to 40% discount on the charms sets below, making your gifting easy. Choose a charms set to style her look.

Dear Q 18K Gold Diamond Charms Set

Dear Q 18K Gold Diamond Charms Set

Dear Q 18K Gold Diamond Charms Set

Dear Q 18K Gold Diamond Charms Set


Gifts for Kids ︳Rilakkuma™ Collection

Kids often have to stay home under the ongoing pandemic. Lukfook Jewellery brings the lovely Rilakkuma™ Collection for you to brighten up their days and lift up their mood. Sweet smell from the air is originated from a breath of early summer. Lukfook Jewellery fuses strawberries and oranges into the Rilakkuma™ Collection, and makes use of shiny and matt finishing to capture the adorable looks of Kiiroitori and Chairoikoguma holding a strawberry cheerfully as well as the great time of Rilakkuma and friends. These glamorous gold charms definitely impress the heart. Add a playful touch to children’s looks with these accessories.

The precious gold lock makes a good gift to deliver the elderly’s best wishes for children’s peace and well-being. Lively Rilakkuma is transformed into an auspicious gold lock. The Rilakkuma™ gold lock from the Rilakkuma™ Collection comes with a milk-carton like gift box that can also be used as a cashbox, inside which are the beloved Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori doll. It is equally ideal no matter for gifting or for home decoration purpose. This cute gold lock will become the kid’s best companion.

Rilakkuma™ Collection

Kiiroitori & Strawberry Three-dimensional Gold Charm

Rilakkuma™ Collection

Chairoikoguma & Strawberry Three-dimensional Gold Pendant

Rakkuma™ Collection

Rilakkuma™ and Friends & Orange Gold Charm Bracelet

Rilakkuma™ Collection Rilakkuma™ Gold Lock and Cashbox Gift Set


Enjoy 50% Off on Purchasing Selected Jewellery Items with Consumption Vouchers and Earn Double Points

Customers spending with the Hong Kong Government consumption vouchers can enjoy 50% off on selected diamond or gem-set jewellery products at Lukfook Jewellery. Diamond members can also earn double points. Join Lukfook Jewellery membership to earn points for gift redemption and enjoy exclusive privileges at our shops worldwide. 

  • The offer is valid from 7 April to 26 May 2022.
  • The offer is valid on selected items
  • The offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
  • The offer is non-exchangeable, non-returnable, and non-redeemable for cash or other products.


Enjoy Up to Over 40% Rebate upon Purchase of Selected Gem-set Jewellery Products

From now till 26 May, customers can enjoy a range of limited time offers at our shops in Hong Kong. Customers purchasing selected gem-set jewellery products can receive up to over 40% rebate. You can also enjoy free of labour charge on selected gold jewellery products. You will get a HK$200 jewellery voucher upon purchase of selected jewellery items and enjoy up to 35% off on selected gold jewellery products.


Enjoy 1 on 1 Video Shopping Service and Collect a HK$200 Coupon on WhatsApp

Click the link to chat with us and collect Lukfook Jewellery HK$200 e-coupon with which you can redeem HK$200 discount when purchasing diamond or gemstone items at Lukfook Jewellery shops in Hong Kong*.  

* Natural Fei Cui (Jadeite), pearl, karat gold, timepieces, gold/platinum, fixed-priced, special-priced, privileged-priced, giga-priced, authorised items, mounts and accessories are excluded.

** The offer is subject to terms and conditions. Please contact the store staff for more details.


Welcome to Use the Four Stored Value Facilities under the Consumption Voucher Scheme

Lukfook Jewellery accepts payments by AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK, Tap & Go and Octopus. Customers can purchase jewellery products, gold bars and solid gold pieces using the consumption vouchers via the above four stored value facilities. Various electronic payment tools can be combined for payment, and the balance can be settled in cash, by credit card or with an electronic payment method. You may pool the consumption vouchers in the accounts of your family or friends for the purchase. Be a smart consumer to shop smartly! (Consumption vouchers are applicable to the shops in Hong Kong only. Please consult the shop staff for details)

# Terms and conditions apply. In case of any disputes, the decision of Lukfook Jewellery shall be final and Lukfook Jewellery reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.