• 1. How to login VIP zone? What are the functions of VIP zone?

    1) To login VIP zone, go to: Lukfook VIP→VIP login

    2) Functions in VIP zone:

     -Review membership status and VIP points record
     -Update personal information, preference of receive promotion message and login password
     -Redeem VIP gifts

    You may present valid VIP card to enjoy VIP offer.

  • 2. What is the use of VIP points?

    1) Redeem VIP gifts

    2) Enjoy V-Fun dollar reward as instant discount

    3) Participate VIP event

  • 3. How to redeem VIP gift?

    You may redeem gifts by login to “Gift redemption” in VIP zone. You may either choose any branch in Hong Kong S.A.R. or Macau S.A.R. to pick up the gift. Our staff will contact you by phone within 30 working days. If you do not receive the notification call, please call our Customer Service Hotline (852) 2710 9368.

    You can redeem the gifts in other regions in accord with the redemption procedure of the regions, and should collect in that region. Postal service will not be provided.

  • 4. How to use V-Fun dollar?

    1) You may use valid VIP points in your account (“V-Fun Dollars”) to offset payment while you make purchase at any Lukfook Jewellery branch in Hong Kong S.A.R. or Macau S.A.R.(Not applicable to Lukfook eShop).

    2) Every 20,000 V-Fun Dollars may be used to offset $100 of your payment for purchase, every 200 V-Fun Dollars exceeding 20,000 V-Fun Dollars may be used to offset $1. For example, 20,200 VIP points may be used to offset $101 of your payment for In a single transaction, the minimum amount of payment to be offset with V-Fun Dollars is $100, and the total amount of payment to be offset by V-Fun Dollars shall not exceed 30% of your payment for purchase before offsetting with V-Fun Dollars.(All amounts are in local currency.)

    3) V-Fun Dollars are not applicable for Gold/Platinum items and solid gold pieces. (Gold and Platinum items which actual price is subject to the gold price of the day, gold weight and labour charge of entire product.)

    4) To use V-Fun Dollars, please login to “V-Fun Dollars” app with the tablet of our branch to receive a verification code through SMS and present the code to our staff.

    5) V-Fun Dollars may only be used to offset payment for purchase under a single invoice for a single item.

    6) For details of other terms and conditions, please contact Lukfook Jewellery’s staff at the Hong Kong S.A.R. and Macau S.A.R. branches or refer to the promotional materials at the branches.