Caring Tips

Caring Tips

  • Jewellery pieces should be stored individually to avoid scratching with each other.
  • Ensure that jewelleries are stayed away from household chemicals such as cosmetics, perfume and bleach which may erode the surface of jewelleries
  • Avoid wearing jewellery while doing exercise, sleeping and doing housework.
  • Avoid allowing jewellery to withstand sudden temperature changes. Avoid wearing jewellery when swimming, hot springs, steam or sauna baths. If you bathe in cold water immediately after the steam bath, the jewellery may be deformed under the pressure of heat expansion and contraction, and the gems may crack.
  • Too hot environment is not suitable for storing jewellery. Hot smoke from cooking may damage jewellery.
  • Sweat will corrode jewellery. After wearing it in summer, wipe it off with a wet flannel.
  • The precious metal jewellery with complex craftsmanship is difficult to repair and cannot be restored to its original appearance. Do not pull, fold, twist or pull when wearing it.


Cleaning Tips


Diamonds attract grease and dusts which can dull its reflection. Avoid oil stains during daily wear, and remove the diamond jewellery before applying skin care products or moisturizers. Can use a soft brush to gently wipe the diamond and the support, then wash it with water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Karat Gold


Gold is vulnerable to external force like compression and collision, therefore, it must be worn with extra care. Avoid wearing gold jewellery together with platinum or silver jewellery as the friction between metals will result in white scratches on gold jewellery.

Fingerprints and stains on the precious metal surface can be removed with a non-abrasive cloth (such as glasses cloth). Do not use detergents and detergents containing abrasives, and do not use bleach to clean gold ornaments to avoid discoloration and decomposition.

Jadeite (Fei Cui)

It can be cleaned with warm soapy water or wiped it with a soft cloth.
Place the gemstone jewellery into the diluted soapy water, gently rub the gemstone and the holder with a soft brush, then rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. Some gems are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning, such as cracked jade, emeralds and opals, which can be wiped lightly with a soft cloth.


Avoid hanging the pearl necklace for long time as the silk thread would be stretched long and found loosened. It is recommended to string up the pearl necklace again once every 3 years at our shop to prevent the silk thread from deterioration. The pearl itself is moist in nature. Therefore, it must be stored at a dry and shaded place to avoid moisture loss.

Pearls can be wiped clean with a flannel dipped in distilled water, but do not soak in tap water because tap water contains chlorine (C1). Soaking for a long time will damage the luster of the pearl surface, and water will enter the pores of the pearl. As a result, it fermented and deteriorated, causing pearls to crack.

Sterling Silver

Silver is easy to be oxidized and blackened. Therefore, after wearing for a period of time, you can wipe the surface with a silver cloth regularly to keep its lustre.