Shopping Tips

Q: What’s the Most Important C in Buying a Diamond?

A: People know that the quality of diamond depends on the 4Cs. But which C is the most important? The factors that cannot be changed by humans or craftsmanship are of greater importance in buying a diamond. As a result, carat weight will be the most important C. A 1-carat diamond weighing only 0.2 grams is so small that you can hardly feel its weight on your hand. Unlike gold which can be melted to make a jewellery piece of larger size, a diamond cannot be processed to produce a larger stone but can only be cut into a smaller stone. The larger a diamond is, the rarer it is. If there are two diamonds available for your choice, a fifty-pointer with top colour and clarity grade, and a 1-carat stone with medium colour and clarity grade, which one will you pick? Most people are likely to choose the 1-carat diamond.


Next comes colour and clarity. More than any other factors of the 4Cs, cut can be affected by human hands. Diamond’s carat weight and colour is difficult to change, but the diamond’s quality can be improved by cut.

Q: What is the relationship between return on investment and diamond cutting?

A: The return on investment is the most important value for business. Before deciding how to cut the diamond, each natural rough diamond must be carefully checked to achieve its highest value cutting method for marking. In consideration of the clarity of natural diamonds, a single rough natural diamond can be marked as two to three natural diamonds.

Color, clarity, and carat weight are certainly the most widely recognized criteria for choosing natural diamonds, but the natural diamond cut grading table can tell you to distinguish good-grade natural diamonds from high-quality natural diamonds. Seeing the natural diamond cut grading table, you will know that the exquisite heart-shaped diamond requires more cutting skills, so its price will be more expensive. Regardless of its carat weight, the price of a round diamond is definitely the highest!

Q: Is it Good to Buy a One-carat Diamond?

A: Many girls dream of having a 1-carat diamond when their boyfriends propose. The larger a diamond is, the more valuable it will be. However, if you buy a 0.5-carat of the main stone and have the sparkle effect of 1-carat, wouldn't it be more attractive? Lukfook Jewellery’s Patented Shiny Diamond Setting, enlarges the appearance of 0.50-carat diamond to that of a 1-carat to showcase the brilliance of the sparkling diamond.

Q: Why are most gold jewellery not marked with prices?

A: Because the actual price of the product is subject to the gold price of the day, gold weight and labor charge of entire product and the price of gold is fluctuates. The production of gold jewellery requires melting of the gold, and it is inevitable that there will be losses during the processing and casting process. Therefore, the cost of the "labor charge" is incurred. The more complicated the design of the gold jewellery, the charge is more expensive.

Q: Real gold is not afraid of red fire?

A: It is often said that "real gold is not afraid of fire", which means that the weight of gold will not be changed after many times of melting and cooling because the chemical properties of gold are very stable and will not react with oxygen in the air at high temperatures.

Q: Gold jewelry is easy to deform, what should I do?

A: It is normal for gold jewelry to be deformed when worn for a long time, because gold is relatively soft, no matter what the brand, as long as it is pure gold, it is easy to deform. If gold jewelry is deformed, don't repair it by yourself, especially gold pendants and ornaments, which are easy to get worse and should be sent back to the store for repair in time.


Q: Is there any gold jewellery that is not easy to deform?

A: Lukfook Jewellery’s Goldstyle Collection is crafted with innovative techniques to increase the hardness of gold jewellery which is approximately twice that of ordinary gold jewellery, and provides fashionable gold jewellery which shines as brightly as karat gold jewellery. Designers combine different techniques to reinvent traditional gold jewellery with stylish designs, demonstrating impeccable taste. This collection not only retains the advantage of gold as a store of value, but also puts a new twist on gold jewellery and your style.

Q: Is platinum and white K gold the same?

A: Platinum and white K gold are often confused. They are also white metals, but they are composed of different elements and components. The main component of platinum is platinum or an alloy with a small amount of palladium and does not contain gold. The main component of K platinum is an alloy of gold and palladium, silver, zinc, etc., and does not contain platinum. You can check the label engraved on the product at the time of purchase.