Design Piece "Endurance" was Selected as The Winnning Entry for Open Group in "Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2008"

(5 March 2008) ------ Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (“Luk Fook” / the “Group”) (Stock Code: 0590) proudly announces that the Group’s jewellery set, “Endurance”, was selected as the winning piece for Open Group in the “Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2008” (Theme: Pride). The winning set, which includes bracelet, earrings and ring, was designed by Ms. Guri Liu, Jewellery Designer of Luk Fook (Refer to the attachment below).

Mr. Tse Moon Chuen, Executive Director and Deputy General Manager of Luk Fook, said, “Luk Fook has been actively participating in many jewellery design competitions and striving for the best designs all these years. The various awards received in design competitions have demonstrated our creativity for not only trendy jewellery but also relatively traditional gold products. This competition also allows more people to recognize the unique designs of gold products, just like other types of jewellery.”

Organized by the Hong Kong Jewellers’ & Goldsmiths’ Association every two years, the “Chuk Kam Jewellery Design Competition 2008” is one of the most important design competitions in the local jewellery industry. The competition aims to enhance the craftsmanship and creativity of gold jewellery design in order to meet the market needs and promote gold jewellery. The competition is separated into 3 groups, which are “Open Group”, “Students’ Group” and “K-gold Group”. The “Open Group” is divided into 3 theme categories: “Blessing”, “True Love” and “Pride”


Inset 1


Title: “Endurance”

Theme: “Pride”