Lukfook Jewellery “Share Love and Fun ‘Approaching 3,000 Branches’ Anniversary Lucky Draw”

To celebrate the anniversary and the milestone of approaching 3,000 branches, Lukfook Jewellery rolls out a lucky draw from 1 September to 15 October to share love and fun with you. The lucky draw will give away 300 pieces of jewellery. The grand prize winner will receive a 1-carat diamond!


“Share Love and Fun ‘Approaching 3,000 Branches’ Anniversary Lucky Draw”

During the campaign period, eligible participants who fulfil one of the following requirements can register on the lucky draw website: to enter the anniversary lucky draw:


  1. All Lukfook Jewellery members in Hong Kong can participate in the lucky draw. If you are not a member of Lukfook Jewellery yet, you may complete simple registration and sign up as a member of Lukfook Jewellery to participate in the lucky draw (Membership Registration Website:; or
  2. If you were born in September, you may participate in the lucky draw; or
  3. If you possess a sales invoice issued by a Lukfook Jewellery shop in Hong Kong from 1 September to 15 October 2022, you may join the lucky draw.


Prize details are as follows:

Prize Particulars Quota
Grand Prize 1-Carat Diamond Product        1
Second Prize Diamond Product (Value: HK$30,000) 10
Third Prize Diamond Product (Value: HK$10,000) 20
Fourth Prize Gold/Diamond Jewellery (Value: HK$4,000) 120
Lucky Prize Pearl Pendant 149


  • Lucky Draw Date: The lucky draw will be held on 19 October 2022.
  • Result Announcement: The winners will be announced on Lukfook Jewellery Facebook Page on 25 October 2022 by 7 p.m. Notification will also be given to the individual winners via telephone or SMS to the mobile phone number provided upon registration within 5 working days of the date on which such draw is held.

Trade Promotion Competition Licences No.: 56025-7


“Share Love and Fun” Anniversary Offers

From now till 15 October, customers can enjoy a range of exciting offers at Lukfook Jewellery shops in Hong Kong. Customers can enjoy up to over 40% rebate upon purchase of selected gem-set jewellery products. You can also enjoy free of labour charge on selected gold items and a 70% discount on labour charge of selected electroformed items or gold wedding items. Diamond Members can also earn triple points upon spending a designated amount. In addition, customers spending with the Hong Kong Government consumption vouchers can purchase selected diamond or gem-set jewellery products at 50% off.


Accept Six Stored Value Facilities under the Consumption Voucher Scheme

Lukfook Jewellery accepts payments by the six stored value facilities under the Consumption Voucher Scheme. Customers can purchase jewellery products, gold bars and solid gold pieces using the consumption vouchers via the six stored value facilities. Various electronic payment tools can be combined for payment, and the balance can be settled in cash, by credit card or with an electronic payment method. You may pool the consumption vouchers in the accounts of your family or friends for the purchase.

(Consumption vouchers are applicable to the shops in Hong Kong only. Please consult the shop staff for details)


Lukfook Jewellery Anniversary Presents - Goldstyle “Circle of Destiny” Gold Jewellery

The brand new Goldstyle “Circle of Destiny” gold necklace is crafted with special gold hardening technology to double the hardness of gold and create a more diversified design. Featuring the lightweight circle design, this double-sided necklace showcases the glamour of gold. Life is like a circular track. Fate brings us together. Every encounter is destiny. One side is decorated with water ripple patterns on the glossy surface for a sleek, simple look, evocative of the ups and downs in life. The other side is designed with radioactive waves that radiate like the dazzling rays of the sun to illuminate the journey of chasing dreams.