Lukfook Jewellery 2023 Fortune Rabbit Collection Wish You an Auspicious and Prosperous Year of the Rabbit

A new year heralds a fresh new start. Take on a new look in the new year. Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with the creative gold accessories from Lukfook Jewellery. Lukfook Jewellery specially launches the “Fortune Rabbit” Collection for the Chinese New Year. This collection brings a selection of Oriental-chic gold accessories and jewellery pieces featuring the God of Wealth, carp and 12 zodiac animals, wishing you a prosperous, auspicious and successful year ahead. Three brand new gold accessories feature the God of Wealth tumbler, the “Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate” and the Ferris wheel that conveys the blessings for good luck and happiness. Each accessory comes with a gorgeous packaging box, making a perfect decor and decent gift for the Chinese New Year.

Lukfook Jewellery also introduces the “Tumbler” series of gold jewellery, the newest addition to the “Heirloom Fortune” Collection, to celebrate the Chinese New Year with you. Featuring the joyful Gold of Wealth and adorable 12 Chinese zodiac animals, these tumbler accessories bring forth good luck and great fortune in the Year of the Rabbit.

The “Fortune Rabbit” Collection also offers a series of stylish gold accessories and exquisite gold figurines for the Year of the Rabbit, delivering the best wishes for the new year. May the Year of the Rabbit bring great success, prosperity, happiness and good fortune to you and your family.


Lucky Rabbit Gold Figurines

Golden rabbits are ready to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with you. Designers skilfully craft a series of magnificent gold rabbit figurines for the Year of the Rabbit. This selection of vividly depicted rabbit figurines and cute rabbit figurines with specially designed display box can be served as home decors or luxurious gifts, adding festive cheers and bringing a bright start of the coming year.

God of Wealth Rabbit

The smiling Gold of Wealth rabbit holds a gold ruyi and the Chinese character “fortune” to bring you good luck and great fortune.

Fortune Rabbit

The lucky rabbit with round eyes and cute teeth holds bamboo and Chinese character “fortune”, delivers the best wishes for good luck and prosperity.

Happy Rabbit Family

The lovely rabbit family holding gold bar, gold ingot, ruyi, lotus and carrot is an auspicious symbol of affluence, well-being and prosperity. Frisky rabbits with bright toothy smiles wish you a vigorous Year of the Rabbit. May your family be blessed with joy, happiness and luck all year round.


Auspicious Rabbit

Auspicious rabbit extends Chinese New Year greetings to you, wishing you an affluent and prosperous year ahead. Holding the gold ingot, gold coin, ruyi and osmanthus flower, the rabbit raises its head and gazes into the distance, looking forward to a bright future filled with hope, luck and fortune.

Auspicious Rabbit


Harmonious & Prosperous Rabbit Family

A family that lives in harmony will prosper. The rabbit family is celebrating the Lunar New Year. This figurine captures the sweet moment of the loving rabbit couple and their playful baby bunnies, bringing good wishes of prosperity and happiness to each family.

Harmonious & Prosperous Rabbit Family


“Fortune & Prosperity” Gold Figurines

Money Tree

A potted money tree with plentiful gold ingots, gold coins and ruyi invokes the blessings for endless affluence, great prosperity, good fortune and harmony in the year ahead.



Fortune Gourd

Gourd is traditionally associated with fortune and prosperity. The dazzling gold gourd is decorated with auspicious cloud patterns, invoking the propitious blessings for peace and luck. The striking Chinese characters for “ushering in wealth” engraved on the gourd reflects the hope for great fortune, good luck, longevity and successful career.


Gold Accessories

Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate” Gold Accessory

Designers depict the Chinese mythology of “Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate” on this extraordinary three-dimensional gold accessory. The carp swings its tail and endeavours to jump over the Dragon Gate, signifying the wish for great success and affluent life. Three hidden carp at the solar base rotate under the light and try to make the jump to become the lucky carp leaping over the Dragon Gate. This exquisite gold accessory with gorgeous packaging box vividly depicts the traditional mythology and conveys propitious blessings, making it a popular Lunar New Year gift.

“Carp Leaping over the Dragon Gate” Gold Accessory

(Gold weight: approximately 0.2 gram)


“Fortune” Ferris Wheel Gold Accessory

Take a ride on the Ferris wheel to enjoy the scenic views and savour the heart-warming moments. Designers create this rechargeable Ferris wheel of happiness. As the Ferris wheel rotates, the gold ingot-shaped “cabins” engraved with the Chinese blessings for “good fortune” slowly circling, wish you a happy and prosperous life. The exquisite gift box contains luminous spotlights, shining on the golden Ferris Wheel, emitting a charming light.

“Fortune” Ferris Wheel Gold Accessory

(Gold weight: approximately 0.6 gram)


“Gold Pinwheel” Gold Accessories

Turn the wheel of fortune for good luck. The “Gold Pinwheel” gold accessories have been among the best-selling Chinese New Year accessories since the introduction. The fan blades are crafted with shiny and matt finishing. Spin the fan blades to wish for good fortune. The upgraded version of “Wheel of Fortune” gold pinwheel designed with rechargeable device must be a luxurious choice of gift. Press the ingot on the base to enable the pinwheel to keep spinning, bringing forth great fortune. The characters on the fan blades can be customised to make a wonderful personal gift. These attractive gold accessories can be served as decorations or presents for the Chinese New Year.

Manual “Wheel of Luck” Gold Pinwheel

(Gold weight: approximately 0.2 gram)

Manual “Wheel of Fortune” Gold Pinwheel

(Gold weight: approximately 0.2 gram)

Rechargeable “Wheel of Fortune” Gold Pinwheel

(Gold weight: approximately 2 grams)


Lucky Gold Tangerine Tree” Gold Accessory

“Tangerine”, which sounds like “luck” in Chinese, is meant to bring good fortune. A fruitful golden tangerine tree is planted in a pot during the Chinese New Year to pray for luck and success. Four Chinese characters which mean “auspiciousness and good luck” are hung on the gold tangerine tree. The spotlight on the base adds extra sparkle to the tangerine tree. This gold tangerine tree is a perfect gift for friends, relatives or business partners, wishing them luck and fortune in the Year of the Rabbit.

“Lucky Gold Tangerine Tree” Gold Accessory

(Gold weight: approximately 0.2 gram)


“God of Wealth Tumbler” Gold Accessory

The God of Wealth has arrived! Open the doors to usher in wealth. The festive God of Wealth tumbler presents a gold scroll with the Chinese character “wealth” to extend the best wishes for great fortune to you. When you gently push the smiling God of Wealth tumbler, it will wobble and return to an upright position. This playful accessory comes in a festive packaging box, making an ideal Chinese New Year gift.

“God of Wealth Tumbler” Gold Accessory

(Gold weight: approximately 0.1 gram)


Heirloom Fortune Collection “Tumbler” Gold Charms and Pendants

Tumblers are seen as a symbol of persistence, cheering you on in the pursuit of your dreams. This tumbler-inspired series of gold jewellery integrates traditional handicraft skills and the self-righting characteristic of tumblers with the image of the God of Wealth and adorable 12 Chinese zodiac animals, wishing you abundant wealth and good fortune. Crafted with the gold hardening technology, these loveable “Tumbler” charms and pendants can be worn or played with, bringing fun to you. A mix of shiny and matt finishing as well as the enamel embellishments adds dimension and texture to the design.

The “Tumbler” series comes in the God of Wealth and 12 Chinese zodiac designs. The grinning God of Wealth tumbler holds a gold ingot and wears a red enamel belt around its waist, meant to bring forth great fortune. Playful 12 zodiac animals with different propitious symbols deliver the best wishes for good luck. Each piece comes with a specially designed gift box. The gift box is designed with a drawer that can be used for storing jewellery and a circular recess in the centre for displaying the lovely “Tumbler”, making it a fun and auspicious decoration for the Lunar New Year.


“God of Wealth Tumbler” Charm Bracelet

“God of Wealth Tumbler” Pendant



12 Chinese zodiac designs Charm Bracelet

Auspicious Rat

The gold rat holds an auspicious symbol, wishing you good luck.

Treasure Ox

The gold ox with a lucky lock in its hands extends the best regards for affluence and prosperity.

Wealthy Tiger

Tiger carries a money bag to deliver the good wishes for fortune and wealth.

Peaceful Rabbit

Rabbit sends its best regards for bliss, peace and health.

Auspicious Dragon

Dragon with auspicious cloud is said to bring good luck.

Prosperous Snake

Snake holding a coin is meant to bring you material wealth. 

Lucky Horse

Horse holding a ruyi conveys the blessings for good luck.

Auspicious Sheep

Sheep presents a lucky bag to wish you good fortune. 

Fortune Monkey

Monkey with gourd is believed to bring forth fortune and prosperity.

Treasure Rooster

Gold rooster brings money to you, wishing you great wealth. 

Lucky Dog

Dog is holding the round Chinese character “fortune” to express the best wishes for good luck and perfection.

Prosperous Pig

Gold pig presents a gold ingot to you, wishing you an affluent life.


Cute Rabbit Jewellery

Sweet rabbits bring you good luck. Innovative gold hardening technology adds exquisite delicacy and fresh dimensions to the stylish gold jewellery. Some of these lucky rabbit accessories are embellished with colourful enamel for extra vibrancy, wishing the wearer a vigorous and auspicious Year of the Rabbit.

(Front) (Back)
Goldstyle•X “Victorious Rabbit” Gold Diamond Necklace

Sparkling diamond is meticulously set on the gold necklace with our inventive Goldstyle•X precise micro setting, which enables gold jewellery to showcase the exquisite style effect of karat gold diamond-set jewellery. This necklace features an adorable rabbit on the front and a V-sign hand gesture on the back. Simple shape subtly blends in the double-sided design, adding a vivacious twist to the stylish necklace. Wish you all the best in the year ahead.


Cute Rabbit Gold Longevity Lock


Auspicious Gold Rabbit

This distinctive gold longevity lock features a playful rabbit engraved with coin motif on the front and the Chinese character “fortune” on the back, and adorned with carrot-shaped dangling bells, expressing the best wishes for affluence, peace, longevity, well-being and good fortune. Available in 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams and 40 grams, this lucky gold lock is a good choice of gift for the younger generation or for collectors’ interest.


“Distinctive Rabbit” Gold Necklace

A string of shiny gold beads and a rabbit-style bead adds extra sparkle and textural appeal to the necklace. The distinctive rabbit ears design puts a playful twist on your style, making you stand out from the crowd.

“Lucky Rabbit Ears” Gold Ring

This simple yet stylish ring features the rabbit ears gold band adorned with milgrain beading, invoking the blessings for good luck. Shiny finish adds sparkle and style to the ring.

“Wealthy Rabbit” Gold Charm Bracelet

The lovely rabbit holds a rotatable coin. Spin the coin to wish for good fortune. Red enamel accents add a touch of elegance. May the wearer be blessed with endless luck and great fortune.

“Best-wishing Rabbits” Gold Charm Bracelet

Five lovely rabbits are combined with the gourd, tangerine, peach blossom, ingot and coin respectively and carved with different Chinese characters “fortune”, “luck”, “auspiciousness”, “rich” and “wealth” on the back respectively, delivering the five auspicious blessings to your family.

“Rabbit in Tangerine Style” Gold Charm Bracelet

The sweet rabbit is dressed in the round tangerine style and engraved with the Chinese character on its back. Green enamel reveals invigorating vitality. This intricate double-sided charm represents the best wishes for good luck in the year ahead.


Gold Bars and Gold Coin for the Year of the Rabbit

These brand new gold bars and gold coin invoke the blessings for great fortune and prosperity in the Year of the Rabbit. The gold bars and gold coin are engraved with the patterns symbolising auspiciousness and wealth, which are perfect as precious gifts for friends and relatives or personal collection. Exquisite craftsmanship brings out the glamorous lustre of gold. Shiny background and matt finishing create sophisticated textures. The gold bars are available in 10 grams, 20 grams, 30 grams, 50 grams and 100 grams, while the gold coin is available in 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, 30 grams and 50 grams.

“Prosperous Rabbit” Gold Bar

The word for “white cabbage” in Chinese sounds like “abundant wealth”. The gold bar features the rabbits carrying white cabbage, as well as the delightful osmanthus flowers, invoking the blessings for affluence and prosperity.

 “Propitious Rabbit” Gold Bar

The auspicious rabbit is believed to bring forth good fortune. The gold rabbit holds up a disc bearing the Chinese character “fortune” and dances on the gold ingots, bringing you wealth and luck.

“Fortune to Your Home” Gold Bar

Featuring the concept of “home”, the front side of the gold bar depicts a traditional Chinese house with delicate roof tiles, gates and windows. The Chinese character “fortune” on the wall reflects the hope of “bringing fortune to home”. May your family be blessed with good health and good fortune in the new year.


“Speedy Success” Gold Bar

This exquisite three-dimensional gold bar combines the distinctive ancient bronze motif with the elements for the Year of the Rabbit. The relief technique adds fresh details and dimensions to the design. The gold bar is designed with ruyi and fortune patterns in the centre and decorated with auspicious cloud patterns, representing the wishes for good fortune, prosperity, meteoric rise and great success.

“Happiness” Gold Coin

The cheerful gold rabbit holds a gold coin and hand drum, bringing wealth and joy to you.


Gold Bars for the Year of the Rabbit

It is a traditional Chinese custom to give out lucky money in the Lunar New Year. Gold bars are a new choice of lucky money for friends, relatives or business partners. This selection of superb gold bars is engraved with Chinese blessings and auspicious symbols, and comes with refined table-stand packaging that looks presentable for gifting purpose. You may also customise the gold bars to make them memorable collectibles. The gold bars are available in 1 gram, 2 grams, 3 grams and 5 grams. These gold bars are ideal for gifting or as valuable collectibles.


Standard Gold Bars

“Fortune” Gold Bar

Lucky rabbit beats the drum to celebrate the festive season. Beautiful flowers bloom for prosperity. Wish you a prosperous and auspicious year ahead.

“Well-being” Gold Bar

The evergreen pine tree and divine crane is a symbol of health and longevity. May you be blessed with good fortune and great prosperity.

“Auspiciousness” Gold Bar

Two auspicious elephants are cheerfully holding ruyi and gold ingots to extend their best regards to you, wishing you good luck and great fortune in the new year.


Customised Gold Bar

You may also make your gold bar personalized with your family name, company name or even photo, making it a meaningful business gift or gift for friends or relatives.

Wealth” Gold Bar

Abundant gold ingots and smiling golden bunnies convey the blessings for tremendous wealth in the new year.