Lukfook Jewellery 2023 Heirloom Fortune Collection

Convey the Blessing for a Blissful Life

Pass down the Traditional Virtue of Filial Piety

Gold accessories featuring a blend of antique craftsmanship and contemporary design are highly sought after in the gold market due to their understated yet eye-catching looks and ancient yet modern styles. The Heirloom Fortune Collection from Lukfook Jewellery integrates the essence of traditional culture with sophisticated traditional handicraft skills in creating an array of exquisite gold jewellery to showcase the charisma of antique style and convey cultural values and best wishes. Each piece is meticulously crafted to celebrate the legacy of time-honoured techniques and live on as a treasured family heirloom.


Marks of Time

When there is time, there is life. Tree is the root of life in nature. Textures on the tree bear the marks of time and tell the story of life. Delicate tree bark textures and growth ring patterns are a symbol of luck, fortune, longevity, health and vitality. Stunning textures show the vigour and exuberance of life, conveying the wishes for good health and well-being.

Gold Pendant Gold Pendant


Eternal Promise

The round and square silhouette design embodies the Chinese philosophy of “square and circle”. A circle in the square denotes harmony and eternity. 5D hard gold is combined with the antique gold crafting techniques to vividly depict the natural bark textures, which signify the eternal promise and unfailing commitment for the most important person in your life.

Gold Charm Bracelet Gold Charm Bracelet


Eternal Youth

Tree bark is a symbol of resilience and vitality. Finely carved bark and growth ring patterns blend in antique matt textures to tell the story of life, bringing good fortune, vibrant energy and protection.  

Gold Bangle Gold Ring (Men)    Gold Ring (Women)


Connected Couple

Tree is always growing upwards. Our love is always evolving with time. The tree of life grows and flourishes, capturing all the moments in our journey of love from our first encounter, getting to know each other, falling in love with each other to staying together for a lifetime. The layered tree patterns commemorate every heartfelt moment of love in life.

Gold Bangle Gold Ring (Men)    Gold Ring (Women)


Gold Bangle

Blossoming Plum Tree

The bangle features the circular bark patterns and the three-dimensional plum tree, which is a symbol of resilience and vitality. Light enamel adds extra vibrancy and sparkle to the plum blossom on your wrist.

Gold Pendant

Blessing All

Water is the source of life for all living things. Tree represents the robust energy of life. The bark patterns on the front symbolises health, peace and longevity. The blue-green gradient enamel embellishments resemble the water that nourishes the tree’s growth, signifying endless fortune and great prosperity.


Filigree Technique

Filigree inlay is a traditional Chinese art that is well known for delicate details, exquisite craftsmanship and elaborate works. Contemporary aesthetic design breathes new life into the filigree inlay art to showcase elegant and luxurious.

Gold Pendant

Abundant Fortune

The Chinese characters for “fortune” are delicately crafted with filigree inlay art. The left and right half of the pendant features a bark-like texture and the Chinese characters “fortune”, suggesting that health and luck is all around. May the wearer be blessed with good fortune and abundant vitality. * The outer ring of the pendant is crafted with fine filigree

Gold Pendant

Luck & Longevity

Growth rings through the years are a symbol of long life and good health. The design on the ring edge signifies that luck is all around you. A subtle blend of the stylised “longevity” characters and “fortune” characters delivers boundless blessings. * The outer ring of the pendant is crafted with fine filigree


12 Imperial Symbols

The Chinese-style twelve imperial symbols associated with different positive meanings have been people’s beloved designs since ancient times. Designers integrate the cultural significance of the twelve imperial symbols with the antique gold craftsmanship to showcase the unique decorative features and artistic values of these auspicious motifs.

Gold Pendant

Auspiciousness & Affluence

The twelve imperial motifs are incorporated into the sea water patterns to symbolise endless luck, great fortune and boundless strength.

Gold Pendant

Prestige & Auspiciousness

The twelve auspicious symbols, including the sun, moon, constellation, dragon and mountain motifs, on the ancient dragon robe reflects the Chinese philosophy of “harmonious interaction between man and nature” and the traditional aesthetic values. The Chinese character “fortune” in the centre of the twelve symbols signifies the blessings for the wearer. The intricate openwork and rotatable inner core design delivers the best wishes for utmost auspiciousness and good fortune.


Best Wishing Charms

A mix of auspicious symbols is believed to bring positive energy to the wearer. Featuring the sun, moon and bird motifs with colourful enamel embellishments, these charms represent the best wishes for the wearer.

Gold Bangle


Lucky Codes

The design is inspired by the twelve imperial symbols - the sun, the moon, constellations, mountains, dragons, pheasant, sacrificial vessels, water weed, flame, grain, axe and double-bow shaped “fu” sign. These twelve propitious motifs are associated with different symbolic meanings, meant to bring forth strength, luck, and fortune to the wearer. A blend of gold and coloured enamel creates a unique contrast of texture between antique gold glamour and modern brilliance, demonstrating the distinctive China-chic style.

Gold Charm Necklace Gold Charm Bracelet


Fortune & Longevity Lucky Coins

In traditional Chinese culture, the decorative coins engraved with 24 characters for “fortune” and 24 characters for “longevity” are considered as “auspicious coins”. In ancient China, people wore these auspicious coin charms inscribed with propitious Chinese blessings or symbolic patterns to attract good fortune and pray for longevity. Antique gold crafting techniques are combined with three-dimensional reliefs to delicately carve the Chinese characters for “fortune”, “longevity” and “wealth” in 24 different styles on both sides of the lucky coins. These simple yet sophisticated accessories are a blend of Chinese culture and auspicious blessings.

Gold Pendant

Fortune All Around

The classical pendant design takes inspiration from the traditional lucky coin engraved with the auspicious Chinese characters in 24 different font styles. Featuring the classic coin design, the three-dimensional pendant is embossed with the Chinese characters for “fortune” on both sides, wishing the wearer good luck, longevity and great prosperity.

Gold Pendant

Wealth & Longevity

In traditional Chinese culture, people wear lucky coin charms carved with the auspicious characters in 24 various calligraphy styles for good fortune. The front side of the pendant is meticulously engraved with the Chinese characters “longevity” in 24 different styles, and the back is inscribed with the Chinese character “wealth”, conveying the best wishes for affluence, longevity, luck and good health. Antique-style characters are ingeniously fused into the intricate coin design for a distinctive look.


Fortune & Longevity

The lustrous gold bead bracelet with a good luck coin charm is thought to bring good fortune. The gold coin charm features the Chinese characters for “fortune” in different styles on the obverse side and the Chinese characters for “longevity” in various styles on the reverse side, representing the blessings for luck and prosperity. The dainty kid’s bracelet is also available.

Gold Bead Bracelet (Kid’s bracelet is also available)


Fortune Blessing

Put a new twist on traditional culture to showcase the beauty of Oriental arts. Among the six auspicious blessings in Chinese culture, “fortune” has been regarded as the most important one. Designers take inspiration from the stylised Chinese calligraphy character “fortune” which features a subtle combination of the Chinese characters for “son”, “field”, “talent”, “longevity” and “luck”, invoking the five blessings for plentiful offspring, abundant wealth, great talent, longevity and good fortune. Together with the Chinese character “fortune” engraved on the inside, these accessories carry the symbolic meaning of six blessings, wishing the wearer good luck and great happiness.


Endless Fortune

The stylised Chinese character “fortune” is a subtle combination of the Chinese characters for “son”, “field”, “talent”, “longevity” and “luck”, suggesting the blessings for luck, wealth and prosperity.

Gold Bangle Gold Pendant

*The pendant is edged with filigree inlay making technique and the motifs are embellished with filigree details


Gold Ring (Men)    Gold Ring (Women)


Hammering Technique

Skilled craftsmen employ the antique hammering technique to create unique patterns and original, delicate textures on gold accessories.

Gold Bangle

Weaving Fortune

The Chinese character “fortune” is meticulously incorporated into the woven patterns, meant to bring auspiciousness.

Gold Pendant

Fortune Square

Auspicious animals guide the four corners to bring forth good luck and great fortune. The back of the pendant is engraved with the Chinese phrase “ushering in wealth and prosperity” and the coin motifs.


Blissful Four Seasons

In traditional Chinese culture, pinwheel conveys the blessings for joy, fortune and peace all year round. Water ripple patterns and the Chinese character “fortune” on the charm are believed to bring the wearer good luck.

Gold Charm


Heirloom Fortune Collection “Tumbler” Gold Charms and Pendants

Tumblers are seen as a symbol of persistence, cheering you on in the pursuit of your dreams. This tumbler-inspired series of gold jewellery integrates traditional handicraft skills and the self-righting characteristic of tumblers with the image of the God of Wealth and adorable 12 Chinese zodiac animals, wishing you abundant wealth and good fortune. These loveable “Tumbler” charms and pendants can be worn or played with, bringing fun to you. A mix of shiny and matt finishing as well as the enamel embellishments adds dimension and texture to the design.


The “Tumbler” series comes in the God of Wealth and 12 Chinese zodiac designs. The grinning God of Wealth tumbler holds a gold ingot and wears a red enamel belt around its waist, meant to bring forth great fortune. Playful 12 zodiac animals with different propitious symbols deliver the best wishes for good luck. Each piece comes with a specially designed gift box. The gift box is designed with a drawer that can be used for storing jewellery and a circular recess in the centre for displaying the lovely “Tumbler”, making it a fun and auspicious home decoration.

“God of Wealth Tumbler” Charm Bracelet  “God of Wealth Tumbler” Pendant



Auspicious Rat

The gold rat holds an auspicious symbol, wishing you good luck.

Treasure Ox

The gold ox with a lucky lock in its hands extends the best regards for affluence and prosperity.

Wealthy Tiger

Tiger carries a money bag to deliver the good wishes for fortune and wealth.

Peaceful Rabbit

Rabbit sends its best regards for bliss, peace and health.

Auspicious Dragon

Dragon with auspicious cloud is said to bring good luck.

Prosperous Snake

Snake holding a coin is meant to bring you material wealth. 

Lucky Horse

Horse holding a ruyi conveys the blessings for good luck.

Auspicious Sheep

Sheep presents a lucky bag to wish you good fortune. 

Fortune Monkey

Monkey with gourd is believed to bring forth fortune and prosperity.

Treasure Rooster

Gold rooster brings money to you, wishing you great wealth. 

Lucky Dog

Dog is holding the round Chinese character “fortune” to express the best wishes for good luck and perfection.

Prosperous Pig

Gold pig presents a gold ingot to you, wishing you an affluent life.


Patented Solid Gold Figurines

Innovative crafting techniques are combined with traditional culture to pass on cultural heritage. Solid gold figurines are crafted with our innovative technology which has been granted an “Invention Patent” (Patent No.: ZL 2019 1 0217097.4) by the China National Intellectual Property Administration. These patented solid gold figurines have combined the advantages of different gold figurines. Our unique technology offers solid gold figurines stunning texture appeal like heavy solid gold, and also overcomes the limitations of traditional electroformed gold figurines which are easily deformed to produce solid gold figurines with more diversified and creative designs and achieve best value for money. These patented solid gold figurines are equally ideal as valuable gifts or personal collectibles.

Lion of Longevity

Brown in Chinese sounds the same as the word for “crane”, which symbolises longevity. Brown colour also represents vitality, strength and health.

Lion of Peace

Black is said to protect you and your home.

Lion of Fortune

Purple is an auspicious colour bringing good luck and prosperity.

Lion of Health

Green is a symbol of safety, health, life and vigour.

Lion of Protection

Red signifies power and strength. The red lion is thought to protect your health and safety.

Lion of Wealth

Gold is a colour of wealth, meant to bring forth great fortune.


Auspicious Lions

Lion, the king of animals, is an ancient symbol of bravery and strength. Traditional lions are reinvented with the stylish elements of brown, black, purple, green, red and gold colours which represent the blessings for longevity, peace, fortune, health, protection and wealth respectively, conveying the best wishes for good luck, happiness and wellbeing.



Fortune to Your Home

As the Chinese saying goes, “There is a gold house and graceful lady in the books”. The “gold house” in books denotes that diligent study leads to academic success and remarkable achievements. The “Gold House” figurine depicts a golden house on an opened scroll with a golden writing brush placed in front of the house doors and a pair of golden lions guarding the doors, expressing the hope for academic success, successful career and affluent life.