Lukfook Group Awarded "Happy Company" for 9 Consecutive Years

(10 August 2022) — Luk Fook Holdings (International) Limited (“Lukfook” / the “Group”) (Stock Code: 00590) is pleased to announce that the Group has been named as a "Happy Company" under the "Happiness at Work" promotional scheme for the ninth consecutive year. This is a significant recognition of the Group's commitment to creating a happy working environment and enhancing the happiness of its employees and their healthy life attitude.

Mr. Wong Wai Sheung, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lukfook Group, said, “‘People Empowerment’ is one of the four key areas under our ‘Sustainability Strategy and Goals’. We commit to creating an ideal working environment, advocating a culture of equality, diversity and inclusiveness, and empowering employees with career development opportunities. At the same time, we impart to our employees a thorough understanding of the company's operations and future direction, giving them confidence that they team up with and work alongside the management to embrace the 'Lukfook family' spirit.”

The “Happiness at Work” promotional scheme is organised by the Promoting Happiness Index Foundation and implemented by the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong. The scheme aims to promote the concept and raise the level of happiness-at-work among Hong Kong companies, build a corporate culture of care and respect for employees, and encourage the development of corporate caring, wisdom, persistence and motivation.


Ms. Vivian Lai, Senior Administration and Human Resources Manager of Lukfook Group, accepted the award on behalf of the Group.