F-style Hey Cool Collection - Hey Cool Style in you way, Versatile Styling

Hey Cool Style in you way, Versatile Styling


It’s time to change your style. The brand new F-style Hey Cool Collection of gorgeous gold jewellery combines fashionable elements, vintage matt textures and cool black electroplated lines to create a unique interpretation of stylish glamour. The black electroplating finishing blends in accessories with innovative craftsmanship, offering a fresh new twist on gold jewellery. Show your true self with these chic accessories. The signature gold pendant and charm are meticulously designed with the symbolic bull image to tie in with Taurus, the horoscope sign of Lukfook Jewellery’s global spokesman Li Yifeng, adding invigorating vitality to your contemporary look in the coming Year of the Ox.


Hey Cool Gold Pendant

A piece of in-style accessory can well express your fashion sense. Designers ingeniously create this bull head shaped gold pendant. An energetic bull head is delicately carved on the front. A subtle blend of strong lines and matt textures gives the pendant a handsome look. A letter “B”, the initial of the word “Bull”, is engraved on the back. This double-sided pendant will complete any of your look, bring you a fresh impression in the Year of the Ox. The masculine bull head against the inverted triangular background reveals the wearer’s free spirit, confidence and retro style.


Hey Cool Gold Charm

Shield symbolises guardian and protection, whereas bull represents persistence and strength. One of these gold charms artfully combines shield shape with simple bull image. Sleek radiating lines in vintage tone glows with sparkling shine in the Year of the Ox. The stunning design reflects the good wishes for a bull market. Another rectangular gold charm is engraved with the bull head and comes with a discreet black cord bracelet. The retro-chic design with simple lines showcases the masculinity and charisma of modern men.


Hey Cool Gold Couple Rings

Inspired by the sturdy grass in strong wind, the rings feature the interweaving lines in vintage tone. Black electroplating finish creates a striking layering effect. Three-segment design commemorates the three major stages of life, inspiring you to show your true self. Distinctive geometric designs demonstrate a simple interpretation of chic philosophy.


Hey Cool Gold Bracelets

The gold bracelet is crafted in simple linear design. The multifaceted interlocking threaded chain with openwork design and fine black line details demonstrates sleek sophistication and masculine strength. This fashionable bracelet matches well with any outfit to create a cool look.