2020 F-style Antique Gold Collection

The brand new F-style Antique Gold Collection from Lukfook Jewellery integrates ancient gold crafting techniques and traditional culture with modern design to create stylish gold jewellery. Exquisite details with superior craftsmanship make this series of trendsetting accessories perfect for styling your look and as valuable collectibles.


Antique Gold Pendant

Designers fuse ancient skills with traditional culture. A delicate matt finishing brings out the subtle shine of gold, making the pendant a chic accessory for everyday wear. One of these gold pendants symbolises men’s power and conveys the best regards for peace. Featuring an auspicious dragon coiling itself around a lotus column, the other pendant is a bold statement of masculinity and style that is as ideal as a valuable collectible or meaningful heritage.

Antique Gold Couple Rings

A matt finish rendered by superb antique gold craftsmanship exudes a subtle shine. These couple rings are decorated with the heart-shaped ruyi cloud pattern, expressing wishes for forever love. An adjustable design of rings allows you to fine-tune the ring size to suit any of your fingers.

Antique Gold Pendant

This gorgeous pendant embodies traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Unique matt textures of ancient gold give the pendant a discreetly dazzling look. The gold gourd is designed with the floral patterns of peony and peach blossom and crafted with fine filigree, invoking the blessings for fortune, luck and prosperity.


Antique Gold Bangle

The bangle is a blend of ancient engraving techniques, filigree art and traditional Chinese culture. Finely carved peony blossoms on your wrist, revealing grace and elegance. May the wearer be blessed with luck, wealth and peace. Make an expressive statement of contemporary sophistication with this stunning gold bangle.