You can either login your Lukfook VIP e-Account at www.lukfook.com (Choose “Customer Information” and click “VIP Zone”)

or  http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login

Functions in your e-Account:

1)     Update personal information

4)     Change password

In general condition, for your first login, the password will be defaulted to the last 4 digits of your ID card number. For example, if your ID card number is XXXX123(4), the password will be 1234. If you fail to login and the message of authentication failure is showed, possibly the system fails to recognize the password or you do not provide a correct and complete ID card number when you login the e-Account.

Step 1: Login http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/

Step 2: Click "Forgot password?"

Step 3: Enter your VIP number and click next step

Step 4: Enter your telephone number and ID card number

Step 5: System will confirm your new password has that been sent to your stated email address at step 4

If you fail to provide the ID number, you can visit any Luk Fook Jewellery shops to fill-in our Lukfook VIP Card Application Form. If the problem still has not fixed, you may call our customer service hotline at 2710 9368. 

You can renew your personal information in two ways:

(A) Luk Fook Official website: You may login at http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/

and click “Personal Information”

For Example:
Step 1: Login http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/

Step 2: Click "Update personal information"

Step 3: Enter your updated personal information and click "Update"

Step 4: Pop-up message will be shown to confirm your personal information is updated

Step 5: Your personal information has corrected, then you can click "confirm".

If any enquires have, please feel free to call our service hotline at 2710 9368

(B) Visit our Luk Fook shops: You may visit our shop for the enquiry; our shop staff may assist you for your personal information input.

Luk Fook Group has implemented the e-Account program. For the VIP gift application, you may login at http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/ and click “ VIP Gift Redemption” to redeem gifts in accord with our instruction. You may either choose any outlet in HK or Macau, and staff will contact you by a phone call within a month for collecting gifts, or visit any Luk Fook shop for the gift redemption.

For example:
Step 1: Login http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/

Step 2: Click "VIP Gift Redemption"

Step 3: Search by the gift code or product name to review the gifts, and then click "add into basket"

Step 4: Enter the quantity you want and then click "Next Step"

Step 5: Select any Luk Fook outlet to collect the gift

Step 6: Click "Send Out" after reading the terms & conditions clearly.

Step 7: After you click "submit", the system will show the confirmation message of your selected VIP gift. You can click "print this page" to print out the confirmation slip. You can bring it to the designated shop to collect the gift after receiving the notification call.

Step 8: You can click "Log-out" on the left-hand-side bar or access to other information on this website.

Lukfook Holdings Company Limited has implemented the VIP e-account program. Please click http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/ to login so that you can check the latest gift catalog and the promotional offer. 

You will be notified by phone within one month after applying over the Internet. You can collect the gift at the designated shop.

If you neither receive the confirmation slip nor the notification call, please call Lukfook Customer Service Hotline 2710 9368 for enquiry.

You can check your record in your e-Account.

Step 1: Login http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/

Step 2: Select "Point Reward Record" and all transaction will be shown in the chart.


Step 1: Click http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/ to the login page.

Step 2: Click "Forgot password"

Step 3: Enter your membership number, and then click "next step"

Step 4: Enter your telephone number and ID number, and then click "next step"

Step 5 The system will show a confirmation message that your password has been sent to your email address entered at step 4

Step 6: You will receive the email from the system

Follow the instruction shown in Question 4 or login at
http://www.lukfook.com/tc/customer-information/member-area/vip-login/ to review the redemption procedure.