Caring Tips

Diamonds attract grease and dusts which can dull its reflection.

Gold is vulnerable to external force like compression and collision, therefore, it must be worn with extra care. Avoid wearing gold jewellery together with platinum or silver jewellery, as the friction between metals will result in white scratches on gold jewellery. In such case, please take your gold jewellery to our shop for professional cleaning.

Jadeite (Fei Cui)
If the wax protection coating lost, you may bring the jadeite back to Lukfook Jewellery for a professional checkup and re-wax.

Avoid hanging the pearl necklace for long time as the silk thread would be stretched long and found loosened. It is recommended to string up the pearl necklace again once every 3 years at our shop to prevent the silk thread from deterioration. The pearl itself is moist in nature. Therefore, it must be stored at a dry and shaded place to avoid moisture loss.

Sterling Silver
Rub it with a silver cloth to keep its lustre.

General Caring Tips

  • Jewellery pieces should be stored individually to avoid scratching with each other.
  • Ensure that jewelleries are stayed away from household chemicals such as cosmetics, perfume and bleach which may erode the surface of jewelleries
  • Avoid wearing jewellery while doing exercise, swimming, sleeping and doing housework.
  • Jewellery with settings which were always worn should be checked once every 3 to 6 months. It is recommended to take to our shop for regular checkup and professional cleaning once a year.

Instructions for Wearing Hingeless Gold Bangles

Steps of Wearing

    1. Open the hinge, twist the bangle by pulling one side upwards and the other side downwards.
    2. Twist to open to the size of your wrist and then set the bangle into your wrist.
    3. After setting the bangle into your wrist, insert the hinge pin through the barrel, then buckle up the hinge.
    4. After wearing, the bangle will remain in a twisted shape. Simply restore the original shape by inserting the hinge pin through the barrel and buckling up hinge.
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This type of bangle is malleable. Please do not open and close in the usual way by pulling apart to the left and right. Improper use will cause irreparable damage to the bangle.