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Hearts & Arrows Collections
18K White Gold Diamond Paired Rings-8526B (Male) 8527B(Female)

Craftsman uses sophisticated “Hearts and Arrows” cutting technique to enhance the fire and brilliance of the diamond. Precise angle, ideal proportion and symmetry, smooth polish all together create light-catching facets, maximizing the glory of these invalueable paired rings.

Other Main Stone choice:0.10/0.15/0.20 ct

18K White Gold Diamond Ring-LB27497

The plain and sleek design reflects the free spirit of modern women and natural sparkle of diamond. The ring is specially set with a “Hearts and Arrows” diamond. Every facet radiates shimmer which is further highlighted by four exquisite heart-shaped prongs.
Present this “Hearts and Arrows” diamond ring to your loved one to honour the promise of eternal love.

Other Main Stone choice: 0.15/0.20/0.25 ct

“Hearts & Arrows” Diamond is prefect for celebrating the greatest love stories. Under eight hearts can be seen respectively from the table and parilion of the diamond. The eight symmetrical arrows and hearts symbolizing sweet blessings from Cupid dazzle with enchanting glamour of everlasting love.