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Antique Gold | 古醇金系列

Approximate Weight:19.00 gram

「尚福」四季福黃金吊墜- ENG70008

Approximate Weight:18.00 gram

「尚福」三生緣黃金吊墜- L35G70001

Approximate Weight:15.00/20.00 gram

「尚福」天仙配黃金戒指- L35G4H0003(男) L35G4H0004(女)

Approximate Weight of his ring:16.00 gram

Approximate Weight of her ring:10.00 gram


Approximate Weight:53.50 gram

「尚福」福連綿黃金手鐲- FDG10001

Approximate Weight:39.00 gram

「尚福」三生緣黃金手鐲- A03G10275

Approximate Weight:49.00 gram

「尚福」添國色黃金手鐲- EXG10005

Approximate Weight:76.00 gram

「慶福」梅開盈福黃金吊墜- ENG70004

Approximate Weight:22.00 gram

「慶福」龍鳳配黃金吊墜-- HPG70006

Approximate Weight:21.00 gram


Approximate Weight:15.00 gram

「慶福」龍鳳配黃金手鐲- A03G10193

Approximate Weight: 44.00 gram

「慶福」勝算在心黃金手鐲- FDG10002

 Approximate Weight:58.00 gram

「慶福」福囍雙至黃金戒指- HPG40013(男)HPG40014 (女)

Approximate Weight of his ring:22.00 gram

Approximate Weight of her ring:20.00 gram

「慶福」添百福黃金手鐲- L35G8B0002

Approximate Weight:28.00 gram

「慶福」龍鳳添囍黃金手鐲- EXG10004

Approximate Weight:76.00 gram

「藏福」馬到功成黃金擺件- G21G80009

Approximate Weight: 1260.00gram

「藏福」福澤天下黃金吊墜- L02G70023

Approximate Weight:8.00 gram

「藏福」祥龍納福黃金吊墜- ENG70009

Approximate Weight: 24.00 gram

「藏福」八寶生輝黃金吊墜- L02G70024

Approximate Weight:30.00 gram

「藏福」龍騰盛世黃金吊墜- FDG70001

Approximate Weight:37.00 gram

「藏福」納福迎祥黃金吊墜- EZG70008

Approximate Weight:30.00 gram

「藏福」狼圖騰黃金吊墜- ENG70012

Approximate Weight:20.00 gram

「藏福」富貴平安黃金戒指- HPG40015

Approximate Weight:23.00 gram

「藏福」吉祥美滿黃金手镯- G21G10002

Approximate Weight:30.00 gram


Approximate Weight:42.00 gram


Approximate Weight:21.00 gram


Approximate Weight:22.00 gram

「瑞福」幸福吉祥黃金吊墜- HPG70001

Approximate Weight:30.00 gram

「瑞福」幸福吉祥黃金戒指- L35G4H0001(男)L35G4H0002 (女)

Approximate Weight of his ring:15.00 gram

Approximate Weight of her ring:9.00 gram


Approximate Weight:9.00 gram

「瑞福」百福齊來黃金路路通- EZG70051

Approximate Weight:6.00 gram

「瑞福」百福齊來黃金手鐲- HPG10001/ HPG10005

Approximate Weight:40.00/46.00 gram


Approximate Weight:15.00 gram

「佑福」慈佑黃金吊墜- FDG70002

Approximate Weight:22.00 gram

「佑福」福佑黃金吊墜- EZG70012

Approximate Weight:25.00 gram

「佑福」天佑黃金吊墜- ENG70003

Approximate Weight:20.00 gram

「佑福」眷佑黃金手鐲- HPG10003

Approximate Weight:50.00 gram

「佑福」護佑黃金手鐲- L35G10029

Approximate Weight:37.00 gram

「旺福」福澤有餘黃金擺件- FDG80001

Approximate Weight:1000.00 gram

「旺福」添福祿黃金吊墜- ENG70006

Approximate Weight:13.00 gram

「旺福」福祿雙至黃金吊墜- HPG70003

Approximate Weight:22.00 gram


Approximate Weight:22.00 gram


Approximate Weight:2.30 gram


Approximate Weight:6.80 gram


Approximate Weight:18.50 gram

「旺福」添福氣黃金吊墜- ENG70021

Approximate Weight:20.50 gram

Five Blessings Gold Pendants-EZG70004
Approximate Weight:30.71 gram
Fortune Pixiu Gold Pendants-EZG70001S/ EZG70001M/ EZG70001L
Approximate Weight:10.13/20.03/29.35 gram
Woodblock Gold Pendants-EZG70002
Approximate Weight:10.36 gram
Peaceful Heart Sutra Gold Pendants-EZG70003S/ EZG70003M/EZG70003L
Approximate Weight:8.50/16.50/25.00 gram
Dragon Crescent Blade Gold Pendants-ERG70048
Approximate Weight: 35.99 gram
Zen Mind Gold Bracelets-EZG60001
Approximate Weight:44.50 gram
Perfection Gold Bracelets-EZG60002
Approximate Weight:48.08 gram
Good Fortune and Perfection Gold Bangle-HIG10041
Approximate Weight:34.62 gram
Bamboo Presages Peace and Wellbeing Gold Bangle-EZG10002
Approximate Weight:47.18 gram
Auspicious Dragon & Phoenix Gold Rings-EZG40001(Male) EZG40002(Female)
Approximate Weight of his ring: 17.00 gram Approximate Weight of her ring: 11.00 gram
Twin Flowers Gold Rings-EZG40003(Male) EZG40004(Female)
Approximate Weight of his ring: 12.12 gram Approximate Weight of her ring: 7.99 gram