Excellent Service

Adhering to the motto of “Exquisite Craftsmanship, Quality Services and Customer Orientation”, Lukfook Group is dedicated to catering for the needs of customers and providing excellent services. In line with the branding theme of “Love is Beauty”, the Group has introduced the brand new “Delivering the Beauty of Love with Six Heartfelt Services” excellent customer service programme to fulfil customers’ needs with a caring heart and offer quality, sincere services to customers with a view to relaying the culture of Six Heartfelt Services to each customer all over the world.

The Group believes that customers’ needs can be well fulfilled with a caring heart and their trust can be won through a pleasant shopping experience in "Lukfook Jewellery" retail outlets. All frontline staff are all well trained in their professional knowledge including corporate mission and product information. Thus, precise and professional advice can be provided to the customers and their loyalty can  also be maintained.

The Group has also expanded its four existing regional offices  in  Beijing,  Shanghai, Wuhan and Nansha, and  an administrative centre in Shenzhen. These four regional offices now include training centres that will enhance our overall business and management efficiency, develop localised resources to provide direct and individualised training for employees of both self-operated and licensed shops. This helps enhance their management skills, product knowledge and customer service quality.