Awards and Recognitions
Attained “Hong Kong Premier Service Brand 2009 Award” in "Hong Kong Top Service Brand Award Scheme" organised by Hong Kong Brand Development Council and The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong
Attained “2009 Hong Kong Industries Awards: Productivity and Quality” from Hong Kong Productivity Council
Design Pieces “Starry Night” and “Leave and Branch” attained Gold and Silver Prize (Earrings Category), “Culture” and “Nature” attained Gold and Silver Prize (Collection Category) in "The Buyers' Favorite Jewelry Design Competition 2009" organised by Hong Kong Jewelery Manufacturer’s Association
Attained "The 6th Hong Kong Merchants of Integrity Award", "The 6th Macau Merchants of Integrity Award", "The 6th My Favourite Top Ten Brands of Hong Kong Award" and "The 6th My Favourite Top Ten Brands of Macau Award" from "Guangzhou Daily"
Attained “Most Popular Brand Award 2009” from "TVB Weekly"
Attained "Southern China Consumers’ Favourite Trendy Brand 2009 Award" in "Southern China Commercial Yearbook 2009 Competition" organised by "Southern Metropolis Daily"
Attained "Credible Enterprise of China Accreditation" from China Enterprise Reputation and Credibility Association (Overseas) Limited
The Jewellery Processing Plant in Panyu, Guangzhou, Mainland China attained ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems
The Group's China Gems Laboratory Limited attained ISO 17025 in Diamond Testing and Grading from Hong Kong Accreditation Service
Attained "Hong Kong Service Award 2009" from "East Week Magazine"